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Tools and freebies for motion designers using After Effects


New freebie: skinAnchor

Rotation & Fill: Handy Particles evolved :)

Free Tool for AE : Handy Particles:)

Tweaks: jump to 1.7 to 1.9 effortlessy with a ton of improvements

Primitives compatible with many features, 1 more Polymorpher (Linear)

Faux Depth fixed, if you wanted to tested this UFO . Tweaks Beta was updated.

Clock O Motion: Got a sec to spare?

Join the free Beta Test for Clock'o Motion

(freebie) KoalAnchor - Build #2

๐Ÿš€ Unleash Your Creativity with the Ultimate Beta of Voodoo for After โ€“ New Features Inside! ๐ŸŽ‰

Pin everywhere: voodoo 1.Beta: Become the Master Of Puppets

Vodoo Release date : Soon. But take the time to taste the flavour of the last update

Level up your Puppet Pins game with Voodoo : Get the beta version

Reach. New Grid: Distribute, New 'Add A Null' and more.

Reach for the stars giving your feedback.

Reach :Reach Shift New version:!

Reach : The AEssential Update [please read this mail]

Reach Update, 2 new features and bug fixes

Reach : New (optional but handy) toolbar

Freebie for you : Flaoua Bomb is now available.

Reach : 1 DOT 4 YOU

Reach Up: Unique-colorful-labeled-layers-shifter and a space position randomizer: wow!

Reach : Important (free) update

Reach : AEssential Kit - update (feedback screen issue)

Finally : Version Legacy White and Black Available + the very first presentation

Thank you: no update here, but important things.

Reach : We need to talk. You need this update. :)

One More Time

Reach : Bookmarks system updated.

Reach : AEssential Kit for After Effects - Important Updateย ! V 1.2

Reach: AEssential Toolkit free for the release

Freebie Friday: KoalAnchor

VnT : the baby gets up and learns to walk: Save your preferences & screw the bugs

New feature : Pivot/ Rotate your 2D Arts turned in volume without 3D

Update or Discover "Volume n' Tricks" ,the new After Effects magic wand :)

GuidesUp -SpinUp : mismatch error fixed.


Version 1.9, Center item even in 3D, issues fixed and other updates.