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Reach : We need to talk. You need this update. :)

Hey, you!

You still told us about your concerns. We always try to satisfy you:

  • Fixed - Settings Pop up while opening AE (Mac)
  • Fixed - Some Dialog boxes opened in the background.
  • Fixed - Some "Utilities" asked to select multiple layers (for some obscure and unhelpful reason)
  • Adjustments and Improvement of the Easing sliders

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For those who asked, all your expressions are stored in a .json file.

  • If you are on Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Reach\
  • If you are a Mac User, your expressions are there:  ~/Library/Reach/
  • If you are on Linux, continue to code and finish your pizza.

Please note that the file is a database where all is encoded and tinyfied. You will always retrieve your expressions using Reach.


  • Why is "Reach" free?
    Wait, what? Is it?
  • Can my license be stopped suddenly because you are mean?
  • Can I share this script with the world?
    Yes, we prefer to push the updates directly to users, but it's up to you.
  • Can I share my experience on Social Networks
    If it's good, go for it! If not, go for it!


The Fred

Thank you: no update here, but important things.

One More Time

Reach : Bookmarks system updated.

Reach : AEssential Kit for After Effects - Important Update ! V 1.2

Reach: AEssential Toolkit free for the release

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